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Terminus City Gifts That Rock T-Shirts, VNecks & Spaghetti Strap/Cami's in Black or Purple

Terminus City ~ Gifts That Rock

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We are growing & need to raise money fast to be able to take the store back on the road vending, buy some desperately needed new merchandise, buy more supplies for our homemade line (more coming soon) & to pay down more of the continuing to grow medical bills/expenses we're selling shirts with the cool Terminus City ~ Gifts That Rock logo. We are currently selling Men's & Women's T-Shirts, V-Necks & Cami / Spaghetti Strap shirts. If there is something you are looking for that we haven't added yet, please contact us.

We do really well vending fests, it's great for our business in general & we live for vending our kind of fests. Plus I'm so fed up with all of this Dr & hospital shit all of the damn time & it has been going on for so long, I & we need to go do this & I know I can this year but after what I've been through I'm afraid I may not be able to handle it next year which is heartbreaking. So we are selling these awesome shirts to help raise funds faster to buy new merchandise,make new merch, get back on the road & hopefully pay some more of this medical debt down before more gets added. Sorry if we get annoying advertising sometimes, if you only knew everything we go through, you wouldn't get annoyed. Thank you to everyone for being there & for all of the sweetness. You are very much appreciated!

Please contact us with any questions. Thank you!

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