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Terminus City ~ Gifts That Rock

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Crowdfunding Project ~

We are Terminus City (Gifts That Rock) & we sell rock & roll. ;) We have a growing business that was started 21 years ago and have some great opportunities & many great projects in the works including our own Hand Crafted In The USA Line that we will be launching soon! We will have more Official Band Merch again as well as the addition of more bands. When the time is right we will go into further detail, but it's extremely exciting for us & everything above we've been working on for years so it's great to see things moving along but we need your help!

Don't worry, we are not asking for donations, but we've had to deal with a lot of insane medical bills that created extra challenges for our growing Small Business so we are asking you to purchase one of these options, ask for one to be added if possible or buy from our store right now to help us purchase supplies, help purchase new merchandise, purchase more supplies to create new merchandise, more advertising, help pay the balance of vending extremely important to the business festivals including booth rentals, insurance, truck rentals, event staff tickets & other related expenses.

We decided to try what big movie producers, actors, bands & other businesses have been doing for years to help us get to where we need to be. Having illnesses presents extra challenges especially being entrepreneurs, but we have very positive attitudes & live to grow & succeed. We know what we need to do & how to do it.

Friends & Family who know about the medical expenses & the money that had to be spent on medical emergencies instead of back into the business keep suggesting sites like Kickstarter, where you don't get a penny if you don't reach your goal & have high fees if you do or IndieGoGo who also has high fees. We decided to do our own version & in a way that allows us to receive a lot more of what is funded, which of course helps us grow too.

It took a lot of time & hard work but we've been able to connect our business to some amazing people, enormous bands, fests, etc., including but not limited to several important festivals including Motorhead's Motorboat.

We've had several exciting things in the works with more to come & we can't wait to share everything with you! We are very excited about the future & know you will be proud of us!

Thank you for reading & for shopping by. ;) If you could PLEASE SHARE, that would be awesome! We would be happy to share something for you as well.

We appreciate you! Enjoy your day!

Please Contact Us If You Have Questions.

SORRY, BUT COUPONS CAN'T BE USED FOR CROWDFUNDING. Thank you for your understanding.

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